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Machine Learning applied to Emergency Roadside Assistance for faster and better service.


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Welcome to Atrium Solutions Inc where the latest available technologies are applied to build stronger businesses.

Atrium Solutions launches Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform to disrupt traditional commercial tire ERS.

For decades both fleets and commercial tire dealers have had to rely on external call centers to handle the highest priority events, unforeseen tire failures. Atrium’s ERS AI technology provides the answer to a 50+ year headache.

  • No more being put on hold
  • No more automated attendants
  • No more audio challenges (“I can’t hear you”)
  • No more speaking to someone who does not understand the business
  • No more gaps in critical information being passed to service provider

Atrium AI allows your team to dispatch an ERS event in under 60 seconds. Once complete Atrium AI takes control instantaneously finding the closest available location and placing the dispatch phone calls for you.

Multiple, rapid fire, phone calls to the closest locations provides the highest probability the call gets answered. Once the call is excepted by a vendor both text messages and e-mails are pushed out to ensure communication is bullet proof. Fleets are connected to tire dealer or tire technician who will solve the problem within minutes!

Let your competitors continue to tie up resources with slow ERS responses and contact us today to set up a demo to start driving high levels of efficiency in your business.


My fleets want to start using this immediately!


Not many things get me excited anymore about this business but this does.


This is a total game changer for us. Absolutely amazing!